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beard grooming tips

5 Top-Tips to Keep Your Beard Looking its Best

Are you looking to improve your beard game? Our beard grooming tips will help you grow a full, soft and stylish beard AND keep it looking amazing.

Beards—they’ve become the number one accessory for men in recent years. But, just like the hair on your head, facial hair requires regular maintenance too.

Whether you’re new to the game or you’re well into growing your dream beard, apply these five simple beard grooming tips to keep your beard looking its best.


1. Use beard oil

Are you looking for a product that can transform your beard from scraggly and unmanageable into soft and full? Look no further than Azami beard oil. Not only does our beard oil nourish your facial hair itself, our powerful formula also penetrates deep into your skin below, improving your beard’s appearance and health from the root. Shop now.


2. Wash your beard regularly

Would you go to work with unwashed, unbrushed hair? Probably not. So why leave your beard untouched? Washing your beard stops build-up of unwanted oils and dirt. Just like the hair on your head, wash your beard regularly to keep it looking great.

3. Beard hygiene when wearing a mask

Just because you have to wear a mask doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of the perfect beard. Are you tired of that scratchy, itchy feeling when wearing a mask?

It’s important to keep your beard moisturised if you want to avoid this—using a high-quality beard oil daily will help.

Also, make sure you’re changing your mask regularly. This not only keeps you protected, but it also helps to minimise blocked pores and a build-up of irritants sitting on your skin.

4. Keep your beard trimmed

Regularly trimming your beard is one of the simplest yet most effective steps in any good beard maintenance routine.

Yes, it will keep you looking neat and tidy but regular beard trimming also helps products like shampoo and beard oil penetrate deeper, keeping you fresh, clean and moisturised.

5. Brush your beard

Brushing your beard is one of the ultimate beard grooming tips. Not only does it keep your beard looking styled and neat, but brushing your beard also stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging even hair growth.

A good quality beard comb is a must-have for anyone looking to take care of their beard.

Watch your beard transform.

After using these 5 tips, watch your beard become styled, fresh and full. We’re confident if you follow these steps, you’ll be going from Hagrid to Obi-Wan in no time.

Over to you…

Are you looking for the ultimate gift for the bearded man in your life? Check out our range of beard oils today. Shop now.

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